Born and raised in the rural prairie of North Dakota, my isolation and turmoil in this environment fostered my driving force: creativity in the face of adversity. I use creativity to address dissociation, mainly in how dissociation factors into PTSD and how I deal with my physical disabilities. This is a driving factor of my work and it is at my core. My isolated upbringing reminds me of the importance of making (dis) abled and queer stories which I had desperately needed.

In Chicago, I began to explore what it meant to be able (dis) abled and queer.  During my early years, I experienced a health scare that could have been cancer. This health scare helped to ground me in my motives for my creation. Even now, as I use physical therapy to address an assault that happened years ago. I find that my work is not only a method of an escape, but a method to tell stories that are deserving of a spotlight. These have often been overlooked, especially in the times we now dwell in.

My goals are to let those around me including myself, my peers, my family, and strangers, have access to stories and art they relate to, love, and learn from. 


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